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organic herbal and aromatherapy apothecary

​twig leaf flower is an organic, vegan, gluten free herbal, aromatherapy and tea company founded in Dallas, PA by Rebecca Nicely. It all began with a wish to offer a naturally pure, handmade collection of organic herbal and essential oil products, without sacrificing efficacy. Rebecca draws on her experience as a hereditary herbalist, clinical aromatherapist, artisan distiller, yoga and meditation teacher, musician, author and reiki master to continually develop twig leaf flower. She has been creating products ever since she could safely stir a pot in her grandma's kitchen.  Today, each item is made in small batches, with the purest ingredients, and packaged in sustainable, eco friendly jars and bottles.  Often sought after as an expert in her field for seminars and consultations, Rebecca's passion is to inspire others to embrace a holistic lifestyle.  With the wisdom flowing through her from her herbalist grandmother and great grandmother, Rebecca keeps her roots deeply grounded in the earth, while intuitively harnessing the healing power of plants into products to soothe the soul.

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